The World’s Darkest Secrets

Right now The World’s Darkest Secrets are also the keys to freedom and spiritual awakening. For us to have the best life and create the best world, we must all spiritually awaken. This knowledge has been kept secret for a very long time, and it’s important we all start to know what’s really happening and that we start to wake up and practice self realization. So in today’s video we discuss this…
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There’s a lot happening in the world behind the scenes. And I just want to say, you need to be careful for what I call the world’s darkest secrets. Now, if you know what these secrets are, then you can actually avoid them and you can basically free yourself in life. And so there’s three quick and easy ways that you can know the world’s darkest secrets and avoid them in your life so that you can make more money. You can be happier, you can be free from the matrix and you can all around the, a more awake, aware, happy, healthy person.
So before we get into the three quick and easy ways to use this, let’s first talk about what is the world’s darkest secret. The world’s darkest secret is the weaponization of fear. Fear is used as a weapon in our society to control us, to trap us and to imprison us both mentally, spiritually, as well as physically in this dimension. It imprisons our consciousness. So we do not know or are not operating from the truth that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. This physical world is in illusion. There is no such thing as death. You are an endless, infinite, eternal being. You have genius within you. You are capable of anything. The universe is conspiring on your behalf and you can accomplish anything that you want. But fear has been weaponized to keep us in a very small bandwidth of consciousness. Fear is a very, very, very dense, low vibration in the subconscious collective mind of our society is vibrating on the frequency of fear. It’s just like if you were to get a, turn your radio on, like for instance, I didn’t have my phone with me today. So when I was driving, I wanted music and I always have it for some Spotify and I didn’t have it. So I put the radio on and you’re on station 91.1. Well, imagine that the frequency bandwidth for the collective consciousness of society for the collective subconscious of our world, I imagine that is on the
Infinite fear. Welcome back. The infinite fear. Everybody. We have a lot of things for you to be afraid of today. First, you might die because of this thing. And second, we might go to war over this thing. And third, you might lose all your money if you start your business. And so it’s like, that’s the station that we broadcast on and we don’t know what’s happening because we grew up in the world and we’re so used to it. And we’re conditioned for it from a very young age. But fear is used as a weapon to stop you from achieving your full potential from having a spiritual awakening and from having the financial freedom that you want in life. Now, I want to talk about the three quick and easy ways that you can actually avoid this entirely maximize your full potential. Live your spiritual purpose, make a lot more money than you ever thought was possible.
Make a bigger difference than you ever thought was possible. Restore your health, all of these great things. So now let’s dive into the three things. So the first way that fear is weaponized to control us is what mr. David talks about, which is that it’s the fear of consequences. Think about how our society controls us and our consciousness. We have developed a habitual subconscious program in our mind. Now here’s the really cool thing. First, before I get into that, when you understand this, what happens is society doesn’t actually control you. You have developed a subconscious program. Sub means below in psychologists say 95 percent of our life is subconscious. So much like a computer software. You have developed an automatic or habitual program. And the way to get your computer to work better is to delete the program that isn’t working or uninstalling the outdated software.
And then re-install better software. So we are programmed for windows 98 in our minds, and we’re trying to operate in the year 2020 with windows 98.
The World’s Darkest Secrets…

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The World's Darkest Secrets
The World's Darkest Secrets

Knowledge has been secret for a long time, and it's important we all start to know what's really happening and start to wake up and practice self realization.

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