They Sold Your Soul.. (You Won’t Believe What’s Actually Happening)

They Sold Your Soul (And You Didn’t Even Know It)…
The world is going crazy. 2020 is going up in flames. The great awakening cannot happen without a lot of darkness coming to the surface. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some experiences before where I have had a very deep meditation for instance, and I totally get attached from my body. My thoughts, the story going on in my head, all the emotions that I experienced and have, and the emotions of the world. And when I have one of those rare transcendental type of experiences, it always reminds me that everything here in this reality is temporary. The whole way that this control system of the world works is by divide and conquer. And if you can keep people trapped in their emotions, then all they’re going to do is react to the world. Instead of create a new world, the way that the entire cultural engineers that have set up this society, the way that they not only profit from it, but the way that they maintain control is to keep everybody trapped in their emotions.
And if everybody is trapped in their emotions and identified with their physical body to such a degree, that they forget that this too shall pass, then what happens is they become so attached to things and they become like a plastic bag blowing in the wind to quote Katy Perry, that they are easily manipulated and controlled. And this is how we are controlled and ultimately how we control ourselves and limit ourselves from reaching our highest destiny, our ultimate potential and the things that we’re truly here to accomplish as Steve jobs would say to dent the universe. We all have that within ourselves. But what occurs is that society is so organized in a way. And we’re so connected to information at all times that we are so sucked into our physical body and our thought patterns. And right now we’re in a world where the great awakening is bringing up all types of stuff, right?
So it’s bringing up all types emotions. Um, it’s bringing up all types of fear and negativity and division in the news perpetuates that cycle because it can’t report on anything positive because they need you to feel bad enough about yourself so that you buy the things that they advertise during the commercials. And they know they’ve done so many psychological studies that negativity, fear and anger are addictive emotions, and they keep you trapped in them. Even though we don’t like the way they make us feel, we get such a stimulation from them, even though it’s not a pleasurable stimulation that we get addicted to them. So they keep feeding us all that stuff over and over and over and over again, to quote the interview, James Franco, Mangia, Mangia Mangia, give the people what they want, give the people what they want. They want shit. And that’s kind of how we stay stuck in the third dimension.
The key to, uh, uplifting the vibration of humanity in uplifting the vibration of the planet and uplifting the vibration of ourselves and achieving our fullest potential and fulfilling our ultimate destiny in life is to recognize that we are in this world, but we are not of this world. We are quite literally spiritual beings in a physical body. We are connected to an infinite field of awareness and really what we are is just one, a little individualization of this pure God energy, this same universal force, that creates worlds that started you as a tiny little protoplasm and built your, your heart, your respiratory system, millions of miles of veins that flow blood through them perfectly that you intercept universal God energy with your brain. And you inter you intercept that, that frequency and you manifest, uh, with it from your own perception that your brain is this giant electromagnetic switching station.
That’s harnessing universal energy and from your own perception and from your own, uh, vibrational field is how you create earth is how you create your life. And when we are able to be centered in that type of detachment, that’s how we overcome fear. That’s how we overcome negativity. That’s how we realize oneness. Firstly, oneness with God, secondly, oneness with other people. And thirdly wonder oneness with everything that we desire and everything that we want in life. And so the, this type of ancient knowledge has been known for thousands of years. This is how all ancient civilizations have controlled people and kept people as, as serfs and peasants and that they’ve divided and ruled and they divide and conquered. And that’s because they’ve had, they’ve hid the spiritual and esoteric knowledge about how reality is all a result of perception. And if you want to change the world, the collective perception needs to change.

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They Sold Your Soul.. (You Won't Believe What's Actually Happening)
They Sold Your Soul.. (You Won't Believe What's Actually Happening)

The world is going crazy. 2020 is going up in flames. The great awakening cannot happen without a lot of darkness coming to the surface.

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