THINK AND GROW RICH: #1 Most Powerful Law of Attraction Key To Attract What You Want (Napoleon Hill)

Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the world’s most successful people to understand how to Think and Grow Rich with The Law of Attraction. He investigated the methods of 500 of the most successful people in the entire world, including some of the richest men and women -politicians, famous inventors, writers, and huge captains of industry. Think and Grow Rich was first published during the Great Depression and has since sold over 100 million copies.
Think and Grow Rich with The Law of Attraction:

Let’s examine one of the many life changing lessons from Think and Grow Rich so that you can use it to attract the things that you desire into your life.

You don’t need to get more qualified. You need to give yourself permission to fall.. You don’t need to get more qualified. In Think and Grow Rich, Hill talks about how Henry Ford, the creator of Ford Motors, could’ve told himself that he wasn’t educated enough or qualified enough to change the way the world travels while creating a multibillion dollar company along the way.

Although Henry Ford didn’t even make it to high school, it didn’t stop him from establishing his industrial empire and creating millions and millions of dollars. Ford showed that being qualified and knowledgeable and well educated is not limited to conventional definitions that often stop us from going for a dream.

Give yourself permission to fall and fail and learn and grow.
Think and Grow Rich

Gandhi is another example. Without access to typical instruments of power, like money or the military, he managed to defy British colonial power and lead his country to freedom. The only backing he had was his unwavering belief that he could influence his fellow Indians so that they would regain control of their country from the British.

If you want to be successful at something Think and Grow Rich tells us that it’s important to know that you don’t need to overthink it and over analyze all the stuff in your head about whether you have what it takes. ​
Every person has what it takes to create the impossible.

It just takes so many people so much time to understand that because they’re measuring based off of conventional measures of success.

They start to compare themselves to otherw. They start to listen to other people’s opinions or the fear that they feel like you don’t have enough resources or that they’re not educated enough.

What if you fail?

What if they laugh at you?

What if you don’t know how?

Is this going to be worth it?

You are good enough.

You are smart enough.

You can face your fears.

Give yourself permission to fail.

After more than 10,000 failed experiments, Thomas Edison could not be shaken from his goal of inventing an electric light source that could power the world. It changed the whole world. He was driven by his desire to make his dream come true.

You don’t need to be more qualified.

You need to give yourself permission to fall and fail and learn and grow.
Think and Grow Rich

Think about how many times Edison had to give himself permission to fail. He failed 10,000 times. Think of how many thoughts Henry Ford had in his head about not being good enough or smart enough or not knowing what he was doing to become a successful business person.

Nelson Mandela says, “Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s when you’re afraid and you do it anyways.”

Develop persistence towards your vision. Give yourself the permission to fail.

The worst thing that happens is you’re going to fail and be in the same spot you were before. Except, even if you fail, you can learn something.

That’s what Edison did. He “failed,” learned what he needed to learn, made an adjustment, failed, learn what he needed to learn, made an adjustment and then, eventually, he succeeded.

The same thing can happen to you. Do not quit.

You’re worthy. You deserve it. You’re closer to success than you think.

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The negative voices in your head don’t control you because you’ve trained them.You don’t need to get ready over and over and over. You need to give yourself permission to fail. You need to commit to yourself that you’re going to fail and that is going to help you succeed. Stick with your vision, your dreams and the things that you deserve will come.

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