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This Is The Fastest Way To Attract Anything You Want 100% OF THE TIME | The Law of Attraction

You can manifest anything you want by believing it before you see it.  Anything you can hold in your mind, you will soon hold in your hand.

So you may say, yeah, but I mean you have to see it before you can believe it. I mean, you really changed my financial situation but you see my bank account. I mean, have you seen my grades that I got in school? And I mean look at me. I’m kind of telling me. I mean, look, I’m too skinny, I’m too old, I’m too young. I can’t attract my soul mate because of this. And we use what we see with our eyes to convince us that our dreams are not possible. So if you want something that’s not enough, you have to believe it with every fiber of who you are just wanting. It doesn’t mean that you believe you may want something, but then you believe what your eyes tell you and you say, yeah, I would love to double my income that. I mean, have you seen my bank? Yeah, I mean that’s not possible. I would love to track my soulmate, but there’s no good guys where I live. There’s no good girls where I lived. If seeing is believing, why do you pay your electricity bill? Why do you pay your electricity bill? You see the effect of it, but you don’t see the whole thing in motion. You just see the effect

and that’s what creates the physical thing and if you don’t believe in electricity because you can’t see the whole process before it, it lights up. The light will stick. Your finger in a socket don’t actually do that, but you don’t see the whole process and you don’t see the whole process of your thoughts becoming things and you may hold an image of what you want in your mind and your mind wants to tell you it’s not possible, but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Comment that down below, just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I saw myself reaching millions of people every single month on this youtube channel, and if you go back to my earliest videos, you’ll see many of them still have 100 views, 200 views, 300 views.

I would make my videos and get like nine views in the day, but I didn’t look at myself getting nine views. I saw that I got 90,000 views at the end of the day. I was nice. I got 90,000 views today. I had to start changing the way that I was viewing what my eyes were telling me, the information my eyes was telling me, steve jobs is that the world was built by people no smarter than you, and when you realize that you can mold and shape it and change it however you want, but the only way you can mold it, the only way you can shape it and the only way you can change it is when you stop accepting the information that you’re getting with your eyes. You’ll see it when you believe that I was coming to every day. Man, I’m so grateful now that I’m reaching millions of people on Youtube, but if you look with your eyes at the reality with me at all, you would see was like 40 views.

You’d see like the way if you look at the analytics of my youtube channel, it goes from two subscribers a day, three subscribers a day, one subscriber, negative four, and then like a week later, all the sudden, like a thousand subscribers a day, it just randomly just took off. That’s called a quantum leap. Quantum is nonlinear. We think success is linear. Guess what? Your success isn’t linear. What you want to manifest in linear and we think linearly, but time is not linear, but what happens is we think linearly. So you say, I want more money, but a has to happen than bs to happen than CSM. My boss has to give me a raise and he has to be nicer first and then you know, for me to attract my cell mate, I’m going to have to meet someone. I’m going to have to start going out on online dating apps.

I’m started going on dates and we’ll go from a to B to c, and we don’t. We don’t get it. The most amazing things can happen tomorrow, and they do. When you stop believing what you’re seeing with your eyes, so comment down below what I see is not truth today. Close Your eyes and see the images of what you want. See The dreams that you want in your mind. So I want you to do me a huge favor. When this video ends, I want you to close your eyes just for 20 seconds when this video ends and I want you to imagine what you want and I want you while you’re in that place, while you see what you step into that reality, I want you to say thank you for this reality. Thank you God, thank you universe for this reality. Because what you’ve seen here is just as real as what you see out there.

This Is The Fastest Way To Attract Anything You Want 100% OF THE TIME | The Law of Attraction


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