Turn Your ANNUAL INCOME Into Your MONTHLY INCOME!! (Law of Attraction Money)

Turn Your ANNUAL INCOME Into Your MONTHLY INCOME (Law of Attraction Money)
In this video I breakdown what I learned about creating money from attempting to “turn my annual income into my monthly income.” My mentor Bob Proctor once said it in a seminar and I found it an amazing experience! It challenged everything I knew about law of attraction, money, and how to make money. I hope it inspires you to question your own limitations and set the goal to turn your yearly income into your monthly income! I bet you can accomplish it, if you set your mind to it! Like I always said, “Suspend your disbelief and give it a try!”
I’m going to tell you how to turn your annual income into your monthly income in today’s video. I’m well aware that it sounds like a crazy concept.
I know it may even sound totally unrealistic to you and may even sound like total BS. I could understand because when my mentor told me to turn my annual income into my monthly income, I thought it was absurd. I thought it was unrealistic. I was like, yeah. Right.
Although I didn’t believe it. I believed in him and I did exactly what he said to do. I turned my annual income into my monthly income and it actually happened a lot faster than I thought.

It’s still to this day, one of the most miraculous, incredible things that has ever happened in my life. So if you want to attract more money into your life, you want to create financial abundance, and you wouldn’t mind turning your annual income into your monthly income, this is for you.
The first step is you need to know where you are and you need to know where you’re going. This may sound like an easy one, but a lot of people don’t even know where they are. They don’t really even know how much money they make. It just kind of comes in. And they’re not really sure. I know that happened to me. I really didn’t know exactly how much money I made.
I never really looked at it. I thought it was so spiritual that I could basically avoid the topic altogether. Really what I was doing was practicing negligence. I thought it was making my life less stressful financially by kind of avoiding the topic, but it actually made it worse. My mentor said to me, turn your annual income into your monthly income. where was I?

I was making about 3000, 4,000 some months. So I set my first goal to make $50,000 a month. You need to know where you are and where you’re going. So the first thing that I invite you to do is define where it is that you’re going. Clearly define a numerical number that is always going to be this or something greater. So mine was $50,000 a month. I was 22 years old and it sounded like a very absurd concept, especially for someone that was a college dropout.
Everything in this physical universe is a frequency. The law of vibration decrees that every single thing is in motion. My body is actually a rate of vibration that is vibrating at the frequency that appears to be a solid object called the body. This chair has a certain frequency. This wall has a certain frequency. You know, what else has a frequency? your present bank account and the amount of money that you earn. It’s projected from your own consciousness. Everything in this universe is energy. That’s all it is. It appears to be solid because it’s moving at such a fast frequency speed.
In this realm of visible light, we perceive it looks like a solid object. What you and I want already exists. So if your goal is to turn your annual income into your monthly income, your new desired monthly income seems way over there, way beyond yonder, then you’re casting your reality into the future. Which is always not in the present. So the reality of you making your annual income into your monthly income is an opportunity you have for the taking now as it already exists, you just haven’t called it in to your life through consciousness yet.

It’s already an existing frequency pattern in the same way that 100.7 FM radio is an existing broadcasting frequency radio station. If you’re on 90.4 you just turn the dial to switch the frequency level. And that’s the same process we’re doing with our consciousness. We’re shifting the frequency of our own paradigm with respect to money.
Step number two is to become aware of your C type goal. So an A type goal is a goal you already know how to achieve. Let’s say for me it was making $3,000 per month. If my goal is to make the same amount again, that’s an A type goal. There’s no inspiration in it. There’s no growth in it. You already know how to do it. Unfortunately, this is what most people do. This is what the middle class does. The middle class sets the same goal unconsciously as the year before now. They don’t really even set a goal because like I said, most people don’t believe that they can truly make a significantly amount more money than the previous year.
So they never clearly defined the goal. They never actually pull out that index card and do it. Now, a B type goal is a goal that you think you know how to do. Let’s say I make $3,000 a month. So my goal is to make $4000. Say, I make $78,000 a year. So my goal is $85,000. There’s not huge growth in that. That’s just an extra few hundred per month. It’s not super significant. Sure. It might be great to achieve it, but there’s no real growth that’s going to significantly change your life.
Now, a C type goal is a goal that you don’t even know how to achieve. And that’s what we’re discussing here financially. How to turn your annual income into your monthly income. This is a C type goal. This is the kind of goal that you want in life.
Only about 1 percent of people set C type goals. These are goals you don’t know how to achieve. This is fantastic because what this means is it’s going to challenge all the programmed beliefs that you have about yourself and that you have about money. It’s going to erase them all. So you want a C type goal. And that means you’re going to have a little terror. You may think it’s nonsense. Think about it like this – nonsense is just something that isn’t perceivable by your senses. So how do we define our possibilities financially?
We use our eyes to look at our bank account. We have a story with, “how much money I make every month”. What you see and what you hear is 1/100th of 1 percent of what you are capable of financially. Your true financial potential is not on sense. So it is nonsense. And that’s exactly what you need because of the point of a goal is not what you get. The point of a goal is who you become in the process. So set your C type goal. Clearly define it and write it on a piece of paper.
Now, the third step is to believe it’s your right to be rich. This is a very hard concept for most people to understand. Most people can understand, yes, I’m going to work harder. Yes. I’m going to rethink things. Yes. I’m going to write my goals down. Yes. I’m going to learn a productivity hack in this business and that business. It’s so focused on doing, doing, doing, doing. We become human doings. And we forget that all of reality is a projection of consciousness, your own consciousness, your own perception, money included.
We’re programmed since birth for what we believe about money. People believe “theres not enough money to go around” or “the rich have all the money” or “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Money is the root of all evil”.
This paradigm controls us. It stops us from attracting money. Think about it. How does the 1 percent view money? How do those types of children view money? It’s very natural to them. It’s as natural as breathing. If you grew up in a very rich household, having money is as natural as breathing. They don’t look at it like it’s this farout and bad thing.
You can start to shift your consciousness around money by one statement. “It’s my right to be rich”. Now this was a hard one for me. I was 22 years old. I was making a couple thousand bucks a month and I was doing coaching videos and books. I believed in what I was doing. I was helping people. And so I believed that if I loved what I did and I was helping people, I shouldn’t make any money at it. I thought I was so spiritually enlightened, that money was bad. And so I had this whole paradigm about money. It’s no wonder I only made a few thousand dollars a month.
You can look at your thoughts and beliefs about money. And if without knowing how much money you make, I could probably determine how much you do make just by looking at your paradigm, your thoughts, beliefs, and your habits about money. Those thoughts and beliefs that you have about money are going to determine the actions you do or do not take. So it comes down to one simple statement. It’s your right to be rich.
How does that make you feel when I say that? It’s your right to be rich. Do you believe that? Because if you don’t believe it, that’s where the work begins. If that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you think i’m a BS scammer, we have already identified where you must begin in order to change your reality around your finances.
It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it. And how you do it is determined by how you view yourself and how you view money. This is all subconscious. And this is why I’m so big on hypnosis. This is why I always say brainwash yourself before the world brainwashes you, especially when it comes to money. Think about the brainwashing you’re getting every day about money.
The world brainwashes us to be poor, to be broke, to have just enough money to get by, to retire without any. And so that’s why I always hypnotize myself. That’s why I always tell you, you need to do it. That’s why I give my hypnosis away for free. It’s right there down below.

This will help you start believing it is your right to be rich. That wealth flows to you in avalanches of abundance, that you can give your talents with love, and you’re wonderfully blessed financially. Once you drop your resistance around money, it can flow to you because remember it’s just a frequency level responding to your consciousness.
Another thing is that it can happen in the blink of an eye or it may take a bit of time. If we live in an infinite universe, time doesn’t exist. In fact, Albert Einstein had already showed us that. All the possibilities that ever was and ever will be already exists. The frequency of you turning your annual income into your monthly income, it already exists. It’s just that you have to embody the frequency of it.
You have to become that person first and then it’ll happen quickly. That was what happened to me. It happened fast. You know, Napoleon Hill has a beautiful quote in Think and Grow Rich. He says that if you believe that honesty and hard work alone bring big money, perish that thought immediately. Riches, when they come, come in such vast quantities and come so quickly that one often wonders where it’s been hiding all those lean years.”

I get you if you feel like that as I felt like that myself. But I suspended my disbelief and I had an open mind. I worked really hard on all those things. I worked hard on growing. I just focused on growing, trying to become a bigger person, a better person, better at all these things, focusing on myself and raising my frequency.
Craziest thing. It really happened. So I was doing my books, youtube, and all my business mediums but decided to go out and camp with my wife Ashley in Mt Hood, Oregon. One day when I went to the cafe to use their wifi and upload a youtube video, I saw that my channel had jumped overnight by tens of thousands. That’s what I call a quantum leap.
It didn’t take that much longer before my annual income turned into my monthly income. And I look back now at that Napoleon Hill quote and I say, wow, that was very true.
So please, give my hypnosis a try. Apply it every day with consistency and trust the process with ease and surrender rather than control. You’ll be amazed at the abundance that shows up.

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Turn Your ANNUAL INCOME Into Your MONTHLY INCOME!! (Law of Attraction Money)
Turn Your ANNUAL INCOME Into Your MONTHLY INCOME!! (Law of Attraction Money)

Jake Ducey tells us how to turn your annual income into your monthly income in today's video. I'm well aware that it sounds like a crazy concept.

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