Warning: Most Shocking Way To MANIFEST MONEY Using The Law of Attraction -This’ll SHAKE Your Beliefs

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* how to manifest money using the law of attraction
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* how to attract money using the law of attraction

Now, there’s a big difference between wishing you had more money and deciding you were going to have it. There is a big difference between wishing that you had a bicycle and deciding that you’re going to get a bicycle. There was a big difference between wishing you could have a conversation with somebody in the cafe and deciding you going to have a conversation with that person that you find attractive in the cafe. And what most people do is they never decided that money. They wish they had it. It would be nice if they had it. Sometimes they fantasize about having it, but they bought in to all of the BS that our world and culture tells us, and so they don’t even think it’s possible. They think they’re too old, they think they’re too young and they think it’s greedy. So they wish that they had it, but they don’t really embrace their desire and do anything about it because they don’t want to be a greedy person or a bad person who has money.

So they never really decided to have it. And what happens is they perpetuate a cycle whereby they’re constantly wishing that they had it, but they don’t have enough. And then they, and then they continue to stay in the cycle. There’s nothing in your life that you will have unless you decide to have it. There was a huge difference between saying it’d be nice if I had more money and then going out and saying, oh, money’s not that important. Oh, this, oh, I’m too old. Oh, I’m too young. Well, if I had it, it might be greedy. Elise. I’m a happy least. I’m happy. See, no one tells you this, and the reason no one tells you this, because look around nine out of 10 people die with less than $10,000 in virtually no financial assets. About 75% of people are living paycheck to paycheck and are in debt.

And so our whole culture, you look at governments, they print more money every single day in currency that’s backed by nothing. And they have such tremendous debts that even with all the annual revenue governments bring in, they’re still increasing their debt every single year. So every outside part of the environment is pretty much programming you to have a negative relationship with money. Think about it. It’s all over the place. And what happens, psychologists and neuroscientists both pillars the same thing. Your brain is shaped by your environment in your early years. And so we’re shaped by this negative environment with money. And so we don’t believe that we can have it or do to institutions and religions we believe were bad if we have it. So silently, we wish we had it, but out loud we just say, ah, it’s not that important. It’s not this. You have to decide in this moment that you’re going to be rich because guess what? The government isn’t going to take care of you.

They might as well be bankrupt. This social security systems bankrupt people are depending on these things, but there’s more, there’s more debt every single year. Then there is revenue. So what’s a giant bubble? And instead of facing the bubble, we print more money as a way to deflect from the problems which are only going to get bigger because the bubbles are going to get bigger. They’re not going to take care of you. And if you, and if you want to be self reliant, right? You’re on this channel, you watch this video because you’re into self realization and spirituality. One of the cornerstones of that is being self reliant and there is nothing more in the world that inhibits more people from having the life that they want. Then money, people say they’re spiritually, there’s self realized and their spiritual. You can’t be if you can’t do what you want in life.

Money is just energy and it’s a part of this physical realm that you must master. Okay? And what happens is people never get to the point of being able to do it to create their own freedom, to provide for other people to donate the money that they want to do it, to buy a flight where they want to donate. Like I just bought my mom a first cost flight out here to Maui la two weeks ago and I surprised her with it. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t have money. Think about all the things money can do and you have to decide to happen.

You’re good enough for it. Comment down below. I am worthy of financial success. Comment down below. I’m worthy of financial success. And if you have a problem with that, use my software. The second mine, I invented a software because science tells us that your brain gets wired to your outside environment.

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Warning: Most Shocking Way To MANIFEST MONEY Using The Law of Attraction -This'll SHAKE Your Beliefs
Warning: Most Shocking Way To MANIFEST MONEY Using The Law of Attraction -This'll SHAKE Your Beliefs

Jake Ducey explains that there's a big difference between wishing you had more money and deciding you were going to have it.

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