What is The Universe Telling you? (NEW Signs From The Universe)

The Universe is always speaking to you and giving you signs to help with spiritual awakening, law of attraction, and make sure you get all the help you need.
Now there’s some new, very unexpected signs from the universe that are happening right now in 2020. And they’re very important to understand things are happening in your life. The Universe is always speaking to you and giving you signs from the universe to help with your spiritual awakening, the law of attraction, and to make sure that you are getting all the help you need…

What is The Universe Telling you? (NEW Signs From The Universe)…
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So the first sign from the universe, that’s very important for everyone to know is that the increase in polarity in the world is a reset opportunity for you. So one of the signs and it’s hard sign to get, because it’s it’s happening on the emotional plane is how much increased polarity there is in the world, how much more division and anger and frustration and blah, blah, blah, how much more that polarity is heightened in every way, shape and form right now in the world.
This is a sign to your soul for an opportunity for a reset of self. And what I mean by that is this is an opportunity for you to really reflect on what you want to resonate in harmony with going forward. For some people that might be a reset opportunity in that they’ve been so attached to the news, and they’d been so attached to online news for so long, but now the polarity is so heightened that it’s increasingly making them feel worse, but they keep telling themselves they need to be informed. But all it’s really doing is making them feel worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. The increased polarity is a reset opportunity where you get the opportunity to say, what about want to resonate in harmony with what’s most important to me though, I want to be happy and this isn’t making me happy.
And so it’s increased opportunity for reset to say no to things that you don’t vibrate in harmony with your soul and your higher purpose in life. There might be certain, very negative people. They might be people you interact with on a daily basis. And now you’re like, eh, this isn’t for me anymore. It might be a constant news every day. And now you’re like, nah, it might be a certain direction in your life. And because of the increased polarity and all this happening in the world, it’s like, do I really want that? This is an opportunity for you to make choices out of what you want to resonate with and call into your life. And the increased polarity is bad. It’s actually a teaching lesson. That’s giving you the opportunity for this reset to reassess what you want to tolerate and invite into your future.
The next most common sign. And that’s really new and happening is repeating circumstances, situations and numbers. So it’s not just like, Oh, you see 11, 11. It might be, but it might be certain circumstances in your life that keep repeating, think about it all the time is isn’t, it loops it’s in, it’s in, it’s in cyclical loops. And so you might and have certain circumstances or you might overhear a certain thing on a TV show or a movie. And you’re like, I heard that for whatever reason, that phrase is sticking out to me and I heard it. And then another show. And then two weeks ago, my friend told me that and Oh my gosh, I’m having dinner. Cause I’ve heard this like three times when, when time is looping in your life with repeating numbers, repeating things that you hear or see or experience it’s your spirit guides or its spirit itself telling you that you are not alone.
A lot of people’s biggest problem in their spiritual awakening journeys is they feel alone. They feel isolated and they feel like they need to do it all themselves. It’s people’s biggest hurdle when they have a vision or dream for their life. Well, how am I going to do this? How is this going to work out? And they’re looking at this from the lens of being a little physical body and needing to do everything themselves, there is a higher power spirit. You have spirit guides and there is a higher order to life to which it is always on your side. The universe is always conspiring on your behalf. It’s just that a lot of times we’re so trapped in being a little physical bodies that we forget to open ourselves up to this higher assistance. So the repeating numbers, the repeating signs, the repeating messages, the repeating things, people tell when things are happening more than once in your life.
It’s spirit saying, Hey, we’re here to help. If you need any help, just let us know. Hey, we’re trying to have some type of pattern interrupt with these repeating things to interrupt your mental pattern.

The universe is probably sending you signs and you don’t know that they’re happening because often they’re unexpected. It’s so important we pay attention to the signs of the universe if we wish to reach our potential. We aren’t taught how to interpret the signs the universe. So let’s talk about it.
So the first sign from the universe that I think is very unexpected and is very powerful, is the universe is trying to tell you to watch your own thoughts and to really understand the universal process of creation. Thoughts really do become things in your life. And this happens often through a kind of odd synchronicity. For example, just yesterday, I was talking to my wife and we were talking about one of her sisters.
I had asked something and we have a speaker that’s connected to sound system. That’s connected to the house and it’s playing Bluetooth off the phone Spotify. So all of a sudden the Spotify music stops and the ringer comes on. And I say to her, if that is your sister, that would be crazy. She looks down at the phone, turns it over, picks it up and it’s her sister. And we told her, Oh my God, guess what happened?

So there’s been some things over the last, I don’t know, 72 hours, three, four or five days that I’ve been thinking a lot about and trying to get the proper solution to. And I’ve had a couple instances of synchronicity. Such as talking about her sister. I get an email and it’s very clear to me that the universe is sending me a sign, that my thoughts will actually create the solution because thoughts become things.
The things that I’m thinking about all day long will manifest themselves in my life. And if I’m looking to get whatever it is that I want in life, or to get a proper sign or message or to attract a certain thing, it’s all going to come back to my thoughts and everything is two things. What I want or the absence of what I want.

You’re either thinking about what you want as if you have it, or you’re thinking about what you want as if you’re missing it. It is not presently in your life and you get whatever you think about. So you can be thinking about what you don’t want, but deeply wanting it.
But thinking about the absence of it and your perception creates more absence of it, where it continues to elude you. So if you’re seeing these synchronicities in your life where you talk about somebody, you say something and then it happens right after, the universe is telling you, watch your thoughts. Your thoughts become things.
Number two is repetition. So you might see something repeat over and over in your life. As you are looking for an answer to something and you’re unsure of a direction to go or a decision to make, or you’re just looking for a sign or an omen.

And often you’ll see repetition. Quite often, this will happen through numbers. Every time you look at your phone, it’s 1111, or whatever it is. But you see repetition and it’s not just with numbers. It might be that you heard the same phrase. You overheard the same phrase about some investment or some new industry you want to get in or some book. When it happens multiple times within a matter of a few days, that’s the universe sending you a new timeline. But it can’t make you do it. So instead it keeps calling you. You don’t answer? It calls again.
If you see something repeat more than twice, it is a clear indication that the answer is yes. You need to go in that direction. Or what you’re thinking about is truth. And it uses repetition of not only numbers, circumstances, situations, life events, phrases that manifest themselves through different appearances.

The next is unexplainable joy or enthusiasm. You know, some of those days where you just wake up and you feel so dang good, like you normally feel pretty good, but this day you feel really good. And a couple hours had passed in the day but you can’t explain why you just feel so good.
When you have that type of enthusiasm or joy or peace or happiness, it’s the universe saying, here’s your new upgrade. Here’s your new frequency level. Here’s the new emotional level. Here’s the new opportunities. Here’s the new reality that you are supposed to be living from. It’s your subconscious that controls 95 percent of your life.
Can you keep your thoughts in this level of positive vibration? Can you keep your emotions, your actions? Can you stay centered in this amount of joy now? It’s an opportunity because a lot of times something happens. You get bad news, the check doesn’t clear, you don’t get the money, etc…

By the end of the day, you’re back to your old normal. And you’re out of that vibe already. That’s the universe challenging you. It’s the universe saying, Hey, come on! Let’s learn this lesson. You’re the one that creates your own happiness and joy.
The kingdom of heaven is within yourself, your own thoughts and emotions can create overwhelming joy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Regardless of what’s going on in your environment, you can stay in this uplifted frequency towards ends lost in infinity. Meaning you can continue to go. Happiness is infinite. Love is infinite. Joy is infinite, good opportunities, success, prosperity, wealth, happiness, peace, harmony. All of this is infinite in nature.

Hey don’t forget, you create your own happiness.
What is The Universe Telling you? (NEW Signs From The Universe)…

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What is The Universe Telling you? (NEW Signs From The Universe)
What is The Universe Telling you? (NEW Signs From The Universe)

The Universe is always speaking to you and giving you signs to help with spiritual awakening, law of attraction, and make sure you get all the help you need.

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