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What To Do While Waiting For Your Manifestation From The Universal Law of Attraction

What to do while waiting for your
manifestation so you can attract what
you want. This is Jake Ducey and this is the ask Jake
show you ask questions about mindset and
life I answer him let’s dive right into

What to do what waiting for your
manifestation is the question today on
the ask Jake show. And see the big thing
there is thinking that time exists at
all. So technically you already have your
manifestation. Why? Because if you look at
a powerful enough microscope, you’ll
see that every single thing is energy.

every single thing is energy the wall
what your manifestation is that you’re
wanting in your life so make money love
happiness dream house and when you grasp
that you understand what Albert Einstein
said that particles don’t create other
particles all particles come from a
source that all the energy consciousness
spirit whatever you want to call it it’s
all coming from one source call that God
call that universe call whatever you
want you can’t get wet by the word water
that’s what Alan Watts used to say and
when you grasp that you realize we’re
all one you and I are one or one with
everybody else and we’re one with
everything in the physical universe
because it’s all different it’s all
different manifestations and
individualization z’ of one energy of
god of the universe in the same way that
there’s a bunch of different radio
stations but they’re all sound that’s
what they are they’re all sound waves
just at different frequencies and when
you grasp that you recognize you’re
already one with this so they’re
technically isn’t waiting for it to come
and second of all you’ve got to grasp
about the more you’re sitting and
telling yourself the story of what
should I do while I’m waiting for my
manifestation come the more you’re in a
place of living without and then the
third thing is you do the same thing you
do as if you already had it what would
you do if you’re waiting for something
that you
that you knew was coming in your life
well I’d probably do the same things I’d
be meditating I’d be working hard on it
I’d be doing my affirmations I’d be
looking at my vision board and saying
damn it is so awesome that that came
into my life already I used to sit
around and wait for it now I have it I’d
wake up I’d worked for it’s the same
thing I did with this channel my vision
for this channel was to have hundreds of
thousands of people from all over the
world that were inspired well I didn’t
have any people on this channel I just
earlier last year in 2017 I was getting
picked the views on the video now we’re
getting a million views a month and I
would see it as if it already happened
and I’d walk around and talk to myself
like that I’m so grateful it’s so cool
now that I’m inspiring all these people
right and then I went out and I bought
the lights that cost money the camera
that bought money I cost money I could
have said well I don’t have why would I
invest that money yet shouldn’t I just
do them on my iPhone for now until I
start to build some progress in the
universe you know I already was having
already had a channel with hundreds of
thousands of views on it and then I
worked as if that was already reality if
you go look at my my videos from seven
eight months ago I’m introducing them
the same way I’m speaking the same way I
already knew I was like I know
eventually these videos that are getting
80 views they’re gonna get hundreds of
thousands of them was in that place
already so the question is if you
already had what you wanted what would
you do I write in my journal that I’m so
grateful that I have it I’d be creating
it as if it was already reality in terms
of my work ethic I’d be sitting in my
meditation and I’d be overwhelmed with
gratitude that already had it in my life
there’s no waiting
there’s appreciating the fact that it
already exists and that will bring more
of it into your life this is Jake doozy
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have a beautiful day go out and make
somebody smile you already have
everything that you want


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