When Things Aren’t Manifesting, Do This!!! (law of attraction)

When Things Aren’t Manifesting, Try This! In this video we talk about why things aren’t manifesting, what it has to do with your subconscious mind, and how you can start manifesting what you want..
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So the first thing to know is your subconscious speaks frequencies. Not words, not English, not Spanish, not Portuguese, not Chinese, not Vietnamese. Your subconscious mind speaks frequency, which means it takes the essence of what you say, not what you say in and of itself. So when you’re a kid and you hear on the news and you hear in a movie and you hear in household from parents, or you hear from the teachers or other friends around you, and you hear that the rich people are ruining the world, you don’t take what it says literally and say, Oh yeah, if you’re too greedy, it’s bad. You don’t take what it says. Literally you take what it says from a frequency level, which is money is bad. That’s how the associations work in the subconscious. So you pretty quickly get programmed that way. That’s how my daughter would get programmed.
And that’s how you and I would get programmed. It’s the overall frequency of the repetitive messages that we hear. It’s basically, we get reinforced with propaganda all day long from our dinner tables when we’re growing up household or from the dominant music that is approved by the powers that be, these are all the same powers that be that control Hollywood, the dominant messages and frequencies that we hear from conversations and media sends a message to our subconscious mind, and it comes down to frequency. And this is why I’m so into the second mind. And the idea of the second mind is because the first mind is one program by society. And the second mind is the one that you’ve consciously reprogrammed. It’s you taking your mind back from society? It’s you deleting the viruses off your super computer and upgrading the software. And this is my intention, at least do with my daughter.
We’re all human. And we have our own mistakes here and there, but that’s my intention to do with my daughter. So if you want to check that out as well, it’s the second It’s in the description in the comments right there down below. And it’s a free demo for my neuro programmer to reprogram your mind. Step number two is to understand neuroplasticity. And it sounds like a really abstract term, but it’s really important to understand this. So this is the new science that still hold his, not in our school systems. You can interpret that however you want, but it’s still not in our school S neuroplasticity. So neuroplasticity means that your neuro meaning your brain, your brain is plastic. Meaning it’s moldable, it’s changeable. It’s reprogrammable. Like for instance, the software on a computer is plastic. Meaning you can reinstall new software. It’s not hard to do.
If you know what you’re doing, it’s not hard to do. You just upload the new software. You reprogram the new software, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, then your brain is basically static, right? It’s like the old app. It’s, it’s like the old adage. You can’t teach an old new tricks. And that’s how we used to think we were, we were stuck with the way we’re programmed. Nothing could be further from the truth. And neuroplasticity shows us this. There’s a term in neuroscience. It’s says Hepps law nerve cells that fire together wire together basically means that the dominant ways that your synaptic connections are formed in your brain, they eventually wired together. And then they continue to wire together and then they continue to wire together. And then they continue to wire together. It’s just like an attraction or a momentum factor that happens neurologically as you have the same emotions and thoughts and beliefs, they continue to reinforce it.
Yes, and wire together. But the great thing about out that is you can always true old neurological connections and build new ones. This is the term in neuroscience called pruning. So when you have a synaptic connection, meaning two neurons, fire, and wire together, and they build a connection in your brain. If you want to erase old limiting ones, it’s called pruning. And you can do this very easily. If you use a daily repetition to insert new synaptic connections or new neurological connections in your brain, and this is plastic, [inaudible] at work. This is neuro-plasticity at work. Meaning your brain is plastic. It’s multiple, it’s malleable, it’s changeable, it’s reprogrammable. And this in essence is upgrading the software. So this is stepping out of your first mind, consciously deciding how you want your brother. I mean, or your mind would be programmed. So again, if you want to check that out, it’s in the description, in the comments right there down below.
When Things Aren’t Manifesting, Do This!!! (law of attraction)

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When Things Aren't Manifesting, Do This!!! (law of attraction)
When Things Aren't Manifesting, Do This!!! (law of attraction)

"Your subconscious mind speaks frequency, which means it takes the essence of what you say, not what you say in and of itself." - Jake Ducey

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