When You Aren’t Manifesting Money, Do This!!

When You Aren’t Manifesting Money, Do This!!
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If you want more money in your life and it hasn’t come up. Yeah. The very first thing to ask yourself is, are you focused on the fact that it is not in your life? See, there’s only two ways your thoughts can be controlled. One is that your thinking controls your bank account. And the other is that your bank account controls your thinking because everything money included, jobs included, sales investments, money, money coming into your life. Money is two things, the presence of it, or the absence of it. And there is a tension. And didn’t see when things are not going your way financially to get emotionally involved in the circumstances. When you get emotionally involved in the circumstance, in the reality of the lack of money, what tends to occur is your emotions. Cause a reactionary thought pattern that is a habit in the subconscious mind that continues to affirm the fact that you do not have money and whatever subsequent excuses, your subconscious is programmed into you as to why it’s not there.
You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. It’s always been this way. You’re too young. You’re tooled. You don’t have enough college degrees. You don’t have a photo photographic memory. You aren’t a good public speaker. You’re bad with numbers. There could be a plethora of ideas that are inserted into your mind as a rationalization, rationing lies, rationalize, rationalize. Why we do not have the money because money is two things, the presence of what you want or the absence of what you want. And when your thinking is no longer controlled by your bank account, when you’re thinking controls your bank account, you reclaim the God given power that you have over the freewill of your mind, which is taking infinite consciousness and using your own perception. That is how you are creating this simulation reality. This holographic reality that is purely a creation of consciousness. Most people live their whole lives in a reactionary consciousness to not having what they want, but you have to start thinking greater than the level of your environment than the level of your circumstances.
And this is what allows you to start to change the course for the money that you are bringing into your life. So how do you do that? Right. And for me, it was a little hard. I had a habit of saying that I was too young. I dropped out of college. So I didn’t know if I was really smart enough. Everyone said that I wasn’t. They said that it wouldn’t work out. And I, a plethora of reasons that I had. And so the very first thing that I had to do was clearly define what it is that I wanted. And my first large goal that seemed impossible to achieve. And I was like, how am I going to do this? That was for me to make $21,000 a month just doing it once would have been nutty, but I wanted to do it every month.
So I pulled out an index card, a three by five card. And I wrote on that. I’m so happy and grateful. Now that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily. As I earn $21,000 a month, I wrote that exact statement in the present tense. And I carried it around with me and an index everywhere that I went to had cards all over the house, all over the car, all over the place. I would stick my hand in my pocket and I would feel it now would activate those cells, those brain cells. And I started to form a neurological pattern of a reality that did not yet exist in my outside world. My thinking was starting to control my bank account. So step number one is to define what you want and put it on the index card. Step nine or two is to actually teach your brain to live in the reality that you intend to live.
See, I started to learn more about neuroscience and there’s a term in neuroscience system, Hibs law. And by the way, if you’re still watching and enjoying this video, make sure you hit the like button right over there. And right over there on this side, the like button, this was sends us out into the YouTube universe and more people see it. So if you think I’m doing a good job, if these videos are valuable, a simple way, you can help support the work is just by sharing the video. In one way you can share it is actually just by hitting the like button. And if you leave a comment right there, down below this as large center, it was of money come to me quickly and easily. But anyways, like I was saying, is retraining the mind. So this determined neuroscience, this is head’s law. And the head’s law says that nerve cells, that fire together wire together.

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When You Aren't Manifesting Money, Do This!!
When You Aren't Manifesting Money, Do This!!

If you want more money in your life and it hasn't come up, the very first thing to ask yourself is, are you focused on the fact that it is not in your life?

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