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You Were Meant to See this Message The Signs From The Universe ? This is YOUR Sign {MUST WATCH!}

The signs from the universe are all around, if you realize this is your sign. So in this video I channeled this message that was meant for you – the truth is that you live in a friendly universe, and it is here to help you succeed!!

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The signs from the universe are printed flat out in our reality; it’s just that our own negative thinking, and old habits often get in the way of it. We forget the truth: we live in a friendly universe, the universe is always conspiring on our behalf, we are divine beings, and worthy of everything we want.
So this video is YOUR sign – you were meant to see this message; the message is clear, you live in a world of infinite possibilities and you are good enough and start enough for anything that you desire in life. I believe that you can manifest whatever you want in life.
Sometimes people do Pick-A-Card or Tarot Cards or Zodiac signs, because they are looking for the signs from the universe – but what they do not realize is that their very desires are signs from God. God is always speaking to you and living through you. If you can understand this, you can harness the power of the universe, and all your desires will become a reality in your life.

You matter. You count. You are good enough. Today, you were meant to see this sign from the universe and I’m so happy you’re here. Let’s dive into your message.

You Are Worthy Of All The Universe Has To Offer
You are smart enough. You are worthy of the things that you want in life. You are already forgiven. Your karma is already released. Your past mistakes aren’t here to punish you in the future. You have a clean slate right now. You’re worthy.
You’re literally made in the image of God. Every single cell of your being, it is all encoded with this beautifully powerful divine energy. You can call it God, you can call it spirit. Alan Watts says you can’t get wet by the word water. The word is only a signpost, but this energy is you. It is your true self. You are a divine being. You can’t even begin to comprehend of what you’re really capable of.
If you think bigger and really embrace your desires, instead of talk yourself out of them, you will be amazed at what you will attract into your life. I want to share some vital tools you’ll need in order to manifest faster and easier.
It is the sign from the universe that you’ve been waiting to hear your desire is coming. The person will show up. The right decision will present itself. The universe will conspire on your behalf. It’s doing it right now to bring about the perfect situation for you to go for it, for you to go for your dreams for you to finally realize you are worthy of what you want.
message from the universe

You’re worthy of the good relationship. You’re worthy of the amount of money that you want. You are good enough. There is enough for everybody. You are forgiven. It doesn’t matter what they said or what you did. And you’re meant to experience God’s creation in its entirety. In fact, the word “desire means “of the father” in Latin.
Your Desires Are Of The Father

The word desire is literally divine. Your desire is literally divine. It’s literally the universe trying to express itself through you to experience more of creation.
The number one quality of the universe is constant expansion. The cosmos are always growing. New galaxies are always being birthed. This thing goes on forever and ever, and ever. And guess what. You are made of the stars. Quite literally, this isn’t just blowing smoke. You’re quite literally made of the stars.
Stop Blocking The Signs From The Universe

If you say yes to your dreams, if you stop letting the fear control you and that negative voice in your head control you, you will succeed. Good things are literally on the way to you because your desires wants you. It’s not just that you want them it’s that they want you because your desire is of the father. Your desire is divine. Therefore it is the universe expressing itself through you. It’s the universe that wants you to have more money.
It’s the universe that wants you to have your dream home. It’s the universe that wants you to have your dream car. It’s the universe that wants you to have the happiness, love, health, wealth, and purpose. We’re cosmic explorers here to travel the universe and experience all these amazing things.
What I want you to do is give yourself permission to let go. Give yourself permission to let go and surrender to your true self, which is divine and perfect as is. Surrender. Surrender to the fact that your desire is God speaking to you and expressing itself through you.
You Are Destined To Live Your Dream Life. You Are A Conduit!

You’re just the conduit for this experience to come through. You’re just the example to help wake up the rest of the people, because we’re all in this journey to help wake everybody else up. So you getting the things that you want wakes other people up. You see?
So there’s nothing you can receive that takes away from anybody else because the universe is infinite in nature and energy is infinite in nature and spirit is infinite nature. So what I invite you to do is affirm this truth. “I am a divine being. All I want comes to me now” comment that down below. Drill that into your head and then let go.
Affirm today that something fantastic will happen. You will have that shift you’ve been waiting to have. You will have that phone call. You will have that email. Something great is on the way.

This is a sign from the universe to remind you, you are a divine being. Your desires are literally God expressing itself through you. And if you can get out of the way and get out of the voice in your head, you’re going to see some amazing things start to unfold in your life. And so if you declare them and you embrace them and you’re ready to receive the blessings of the universe comment “yes” down below.
Train Your Subconscious Mind To Be In Tune With The Signs Of The Universe

Put a smile on your face! I just want to remind you about my free success hypnosis. I created a free success hypnosis because I realized our subconscious programming gets in the way of attracting the things we want. It is designed to rewire your mind. If you can encode your subconscious with this truth that we talked about in this video, your subconscious mind takes over and it does everything else for you.

If you can embed the sign from the universe into your subconscious mind that controls 95 percent of your life, with the truth you want, imagine the possibilities! It’s time to step into the divine software. It’s time to program yourself that you give your talents with love. You’re wonderfully blessed financially, that God’s health, wealth, and happiness invigorates your life. You attract the perfect people. All of these things, you can embed it into the subconscious mind, just like a software.
So it’s time to update the software and turn your subconscious into a magnet for what you want. Use my free success hypnosis to turn your mind into a unconscious magnet.

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You Were Meant to See this Message The Signs From The Universe ? This is YOUR Sign {MUST WATCH!}
You Were Meant to See this Message The Signs From The Universe ? This is YOUR Sign {MUST WATCH!}

You matter. You count. You are good enough. Today, you were meant to see this sign from the universe and I'm so happy you're here.

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