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Your Spiritual Awakening

Everything you need to know about spiritual awakening, the universe, and your life’s purpose is right here! It’s not what you think, but it sure does speed up the universe delivering amazing things into your life allowing for more clarity. So let’s dive right in.
So the first thing to truly have a spiritual awakening here to our maximum capacity all boils down to a really simple thing. But, what’s easy to do is also easy not to do so. The first thing is letting go, overcoming, or transcending our fear of death.

This is the number one thing that stops people from ever truly being free. When they’re in this physical plane for this very short journey that we call life, because you’re a spiritual being in a physical body. You aren’t a physical body. You are using one. Most people say, I have a soul. You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
You’re a spiritual being in a physical body. Death is just a transition to a different bandwidth of frequency. Everything is energy and energy is never created or destroyed. So that means that there really is no such thing as death. We live in an ocean of emotion, everything is vibrating. Your body is just a massive energy vibrating at a very high speed. Started off as a little tiny seed, tiny little body, eventually big person body.

Then it slowly starts to shrink back down. And eventually if you let it naturally do its thing, the body slowly turns into dust one day in the very distant future. It’s always moving and shifting. And the truth is we’re so afraid of dying because we’d been so attached to our physical bodies. That’s the world that we created today. We’re taught from a very young age, a Newtonian model of physics.
A newtonian model of physics was this very mechanical, third dimensional view of the world. We lived in a world of physical matter. This is a physical universe. Energy is this kind of unexplainable effect of physical matter, but we live in a physical universe. Quite frankly, it’s a 100 percent incorrect statement. It’s not even a debatable statement. Everything is energy. You actually are just an energy field.
Albert Einstein showed us this with equals MC squared. That basically said that energy and matter or energy and mass are essentially one in the same thing. Then we now know from quantum physics that even an Atom and the physical building blocks of the universe are made of 99 percent empty space. So I mean, how could this be physical? How could this be a physical experience?
It’s all happening in your nervous system. That’s what gives you the sensations that make this feel like a physical universe, but it all comes down to your nervous system. And what’s your nervous system? Your nervous system is really an electronic switching station. It’s really just sending electrical transmitters at the speed of thought, which is instantaneous.
Then they hardwire into your neural networks and your neurological aspects of your brain. In order to have a spiritual awakening it is imperative to understand how we are so wired the way we are. They build the synaptic connections and they become the habitual ways you think and feel and perceive reality. After a while, we start getting attached to all these thoughts we’re having in our head. And we think we’re this physical body and I’m having all these physical thoughts and slowly what happens is we think we’re this physical world and we’re then obviously afraid of dying.
Because if you believe that your physical body, you’re obviously going to be afraid of dying, because that’s your very existence. I look forward to the day that I transition. You know, I think I still have a lot more to accomplish here on earth. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

The truth is this is the most inspiring and liberating thing that there is. And this is what Buddhism’s all about. The whole idea of Buddhism is, is recognizing that everything is transient and this is all temporary. It’s all an illusion. We don’t need to be so attached to this world that we grip so tightly to it. That’s why they say in Buddhism, that what you grasp at constantly alludes you.
This is really a universal understanding that you are a soul. And when you recognize you are a soul contrary to popular belief, facing the fear of death actually frees you in this life. Because once you recognize that you have your soul, You’re not afraid of death. And if you’re not afraid of death and you’re certainly not afraid of life and all the aspects that come with our modern complex living.

Maybe your last relationship was super traumatic and so you’re afraid to love again. He certainly wouldn’t be afraid because if you’re not afraid of dying, then you’re certainly not to be afraid of living. And you certainly are going to trust life surrendered to life and allow the natural process of the universe to unfold in your brief interval here in your journey of infinity.
Your little brief one here in third dimension, you’re certainly not going to be afraid of anything that involves in it and anything that comes about from it, because why would you, right? So then the fear of death frees you from all the other things in our world.
It frees you from your mind. It frees you from the fear of failure, frees you from the fear of what other people think of you. This is a spiritual awakening. It frees you from a wondering, what’s the purpose of everything, because you understand that you are a soul in a body. Really just the purpose was for you to come forget that. And then remember again, that’s the journey of self realization. It’s forgetting who we are and self awakening again. There is a spirit, an intelligence that is guiding and orchestrating this universe.

It is on your side and you do live in a friendly universe. When we do this, amazing things start to open up. So what I invite you to do is comment down below. “I’m a spiritual being in a physical body”.
The goal here is to feel good in this journey this time around and to stop our own suffering. To stop our own demands and controls that lead to our own miseries, to stop in our ideas of separation that make us feel alone. Stop from our ideas of an attachment to our own limiting belief systems about who we are and what we’re capable of. Just let go of it all. I intend to feel good.

So if I’m spirit, then I’m going to create. If I look around and I want a different reality, I’m going to create it. I’m going to harness this electrical current. That’s moving through my nervous system. That’s moving through my brain. I’m going to harness it. And because everything is energy, I can rearrange my physical environment. But more importantly, I’m going to give love.

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Your Spiritual Awakening
Your Spiritual Awakening

Everything you need to know about spiritual awakening, the universe, and your life's purpose is right here! And it's not what you think.

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