EASY Habit You MUST Develop to MANIFEST ANYTHING using The Law of Attraction (MAGICAL & EASY)

EASY Habit You MUST Develop to MANIFEST ANYTHING using The Law of Attraction (MAGICAL & EASY)

See the world as you like it to be as opposed to how it is, because if you lay your present situation control the way you’re thinking, guess what? You’re always going to be stuck because some people say, well, nothing’s changing. Well, everything’s changing. It’s just that you’re letting your present results control your thinking so you’re creating the same thing over and over because you’re brainwashed by your physical senses to look at your world as it is. No, no, no, don’t do that. The Bible says the call the things that are not as though they were, but most people call the things that are as it. They’ll always be jake, but you understand my back problem and you know my debt and my job and my boss and you know I’ve never been able to find the right relationship and it’s so hard when you don’t have the education and you don’t have the right mentors and you know I’ve got two kids so I don’t have the time.

No, no, no, no, no. You have all the time that ever was and ever will be right now. Stop letting your present results control your thinking. You have this beautiful, marvellous, miraculous, inconceivable power. It’s so much more powerful than any supercomputer that ever existed and ever will exist and it has the ability to formulate new ideas and new futures that you want. You can imagine the bank account that you want and then create it. You can imagine the car you want and then you can drive it. You can imagine the House that you want and then you can close on it. You can walk right into it with the keys. You can imagine what you want and you can have it, but first you have to recognize that the physical world is just a byproduct of your past thinking consciously or unconsciously develop the habit to see the world as you would like to be as opposed to how it is and you might say, wow, this is crazy.

Jake. I know this is stupid apple, the apple company like you’re probably watching this on an iPhone or an iMac. Most likely guess what? That was created by a guy named Steve Jobs and at the company Apple. They had a slogan for Mr Jobs and that slogan was called the his reality distortion field. Literally, it was a joke around apple that if steve jobs had a vision, he was not going to listen to any facts, any facts about the market, about reality, about what was possible, about what you told him you should or shouldn’t do based off of money or resources. No, he was going to distort reality. In fact, that he said, when you realize that the world was built, listened to this, here, this, really hear this. When you realize that this world wasn’t built by people any smarter than you, you can mould it, shape it, and change it however you want.

If you want to build a youtube channel, build a youtube channel, you can do it better than I can. If you want to be an amazing house builder, a fashion designer, you want to be the most amazing secretary ever. You want to be an amazing teacher. Whatever you want to do, you can do it, but you have to realize that it starts in here. It’s not out there. Don’t look out here to decide what’s possible. Think about it. He’d Steve Jobs distorted reality. He said, I’m not going to accept this. That’s how we have the beautiful world that we have because the Wright brothers didn’t accept reality. Thomas Edison didn’t accept reality as it was Abraham Lincoln didn’t accept reality as it was Martin Luther King didn’t accept reality as it was gone. He didn’t accept reality as it is. Most people look at the world as is and they say, ah, it’s always going to be this way. It’s always going to be that way. If you think it is starting here, so what I’m saying is literally practicing extra Zeros in your bank account. Get a screenshot of your bank account printed out, or put it in Photoshop and add another zero or to do it,

crop yourself in a photo next to your soulmate, close your eyes and imagined seeing their eyes and making eye contact. Every time you put your hand on your steering wheel, imagine imagining your dream car. That’s what Conor Mcgregor did. He was driving. He was on state welfare in Ireland and he was driving around an old clunker car and he said that he imagined that he was in a drop top Bentley before he even had a single professional fight. He would drive around in, imagine himself driving that car, and that’s what you have to do. Develop the habit of no longer upset. Accepting the world as is as reality. That’s an illusion. This is a reality. Or as Tupac said, people think that reality is true. Your dreams are true. Your dreams are a reality. Start in your mind. You have the ability to disregard any ideas. Anytime anyone tells you anything, you don’t want to accept this your dream, it doesn’t fit in your box.

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