10 Mind Hacks To Rewire Your Subconscious EASILY | The Law of Attraction (PRACTICAL GUIDE)

What if you had a practical guide to reprogram your subconscious mind? What if the subconscious mind first of all? How do you reprogram the subconscious mind so you can create the life you want?

Here’s a few of the most powerful techniques that I am aware of on how to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind controls your entire life. Here’s ten ways to easily reprogram your subconscious mind so you can attract more good people, more prosperity, more love and more happiness into your life. This is Jake Ducey
and these will change your life.

one change your passwords on your phone
on your computer on all your devices
that you have and make them things that
autosuggest prosperity abundance love
happiness whatever it is that you want
understand that every time you’re typing
those things in your programming your
subconscious so if you want to make more
money make it something along the lines
of attracting money or being a
millionaire if you want more love making
along the lines of that so every time
you’ve got to type those things in
you’re reminding yourself of that you’re
stimulating new nerve and brain cells
and creating a new reality for yourself
it’s so easy and you’ll feel amazing
when you do it number two look around
your room at everything and see what
doesn’t inspire you take everything out
of your room that doesn’t inspire you
take everything out of your room that
doesn’t automatically and unconsciously
suggest the desired realities that you
want take inventory of it if you can buy
new things that replace it that suggest
ideas of prosperity or love or happiness
change your wall colors paint it a
different color put flowers in it get
rid of things if you can’t buy then
decorate things print out flowers draw
certain things make sure that you walk
in your room and it’s unconsciously
suggested every single thing that you
desire that’s where you’re spending most
of your time so make sure that it’s in
alignment with the reality that you
intend to create for yourself because
all of that information and energy
from your room is implanting in your
subconscious mind now you can implant
prosperity success abundance love or a
bunch of the same old that you might not
even want anymore
number three now take a walk around your
house and do the same thing does that
couch bother do you want to move the
angle of it does that TV bother you do
you want to get rid of it does that one
picture suggest some odd idea I remember
in the movie the secret there was a
function a interior designer who was
working with a client that was
complaining about never attracting
romantic relationships and he always
wanted them and he was a painter and his
whole house was covered in paintings and
what he would paint was women but it was
always women that were like scoffing
like looking away and things like that
and she said you can printed your
subconscious mind for women to shun you
and he thought it was such a ridiculous
idea but she said just try it just get
rid of those and start painting women
openly in looking at you engaging with
you you and romantic relationships with
them rather than these silly little
dating games because it’s blocking it
and she said that it didn’t take long at
all for his whole romantic life to
change and it seemed silly but that’s
the way it works all of these things are
imprinted into the subconscious but your
vision boards up put pictures of money
or your dream house or love or health or
romance up make your home conducive so
when you step out in the morning and you
open your eyes it inspires you it
inspires you it uplifts you it engages
the reality that you’re intending to
create for yourself number four replace
your cell phone wallpaper with your
intended reality my partner did this for
me I don’t know three years ago or
something and my wallpaper is my
statement for my life for my career put
down on paper it’s my it’s my one
all put down or write on it it’s not a
picture of a sunset anymore anything
it’s my goal so then all the time
every time I click my phone and I check
what time it is I pick my phone up I see
it so I’m Auto suggesting my statement
that you know if you watch this channel
before I talked about taking a 3×5 index
card and writing your goal on a piece of
paper and carrying it with you I have it
on my phone so all the time I’m getting
suggested to it as well I recommend you
do the exact same thing with your phone
and with your with your computer or your
Mac desktop 2 5 make sure that the music
they were listening to is empowering
make sure that the music you’re
listening to is suggesting positive
ideas into your subconscious mind while
you’re driving to work while you’re at
the gym while you’re on a walk while
you’re cleaning your house make sure
that the information that’s being
suggested to you is positive now so much
of the of the music and our culture is
violent it’s negative and that stuff
imprints upon us and so make sure and
consciously seek out music that inspires
you and that uplifts you and that puts
you in harmony with the reality that you
intend to create number 6 go through
your closet and do the same thing you
did with your room in your house make
sure that you’re inspired by the clothes
you’re wearing you know they don’t need
to be clothes that cost you a bunch of
money but make sure you love the colors
make sure that you want to put it on and
the stuff that you don’t wear the stuff
that you never wear that you don’t like
get rid of it
there’s no point in having the energy of
something you don’t want in your closet
so take a little bit of time and go
through it and get rid of the things so
that you can create more space for new
energy to come into your life 7 don’t
read any books online articles
newspapers don’t watch the news any of
that stuff if if it’s blocking what you
want so in the the book the science of
getting rich by Wallace wattles he says
not to listen to any contrary lectures
or anything that’s contrary to the idea
that you can create wealth for yourself
now apply that same idea to everything
else if you want more happiness in your
life it might be good for a little while
to not watch the 5 o’clock news because
there’s a lot of violence that happens
on that you know this car crash and this
thing happened and this thing happened
now take a step back and take inventory
of the information that’s coming in to
you make sure that if you’re trying to
create more happiness for yourself that
you’re not reading things about violent
crimes in your sci-fi books that you’re
reading just make sure that it’s in an
alignment now this doesn’t mean forever
but do a 14-day media fast where any
information through books articles
newspaper radio that you ingest is in
alignment with the things that you’re
wanting to cement into your subconscious
mind number 8 you choose a sound for
your ringtone and alarm clock on your
phone that inspires you like don’t make
it just some stupid little beep that
gets you out of bed and don’t make it
some stupid annoying beep noise that
distracts you from reading when your
phone goes off mine is my favorite song
it inspires me every single solitary day
that I hear it my phone rings even if I
don’t answer it just makes me dance and
feel inspired it’s the same thing that
wakes me up in the morning if I wake up
in the morning to an alarm clock which I
don’t do very often then I’m inspired by
it make sure that the that the ringtone
and the alarm clock is inspiring you it
could be your affirmations it could be a
clip from one of my youtube videos it
could be anything that you want but make
sure that it uplifts you number 9 make a
vision board get a poster you can use
Google Images and print them out you can
draw them you can clip them for
magazines I think the easiest is to go
to google and type in
of the house you want the car you want
the money you want the love you want the
health you want the adventures you want
whatever it is that you want print it
all out tape it or glue it onto a vision
board and put that in an area where you
sit or walk often because you want the
auto suggestion of it you want those
image images to constantly be suggested
to you in the same way that advertisers
know this so they like are always Auto
suggesting things about like this thing
we need to buy her that thing we need to
buy we want to use that same auto
suggestion mentality in order to program
our minds for the intended realities
that we want to create and number 10
take your goals and put it on your
bathroom mirror so when you brush your
teeth every single morning when you wake
up in the morning and that night before
you go to bed you’ll read it out loud
it’s the easiest way to remember to read
your goals short simple and easy this is
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