MANIFESTATION SECRETS ✅ 3 Law of Attraction Secrets Nobody Is Talking About For 2019

MANIFESTATION SECRETS ✅ 3 Law of Attraction Secrets Nobody Is Talking About For 2019

What Tony Robbins says is that your destiny is not from your biography. In other words, in, in reverse, your biography is not your destiny and what begins to occur is you might have the temptation going into the new year for you to bring what happened last year or for the last five years or 10 years into the new year. Because what happens is we get used to a certain reality, a certain story of our life, what begins to occur is unconsciously you’re brain is activating cells of recognition. You’re certain of fire, the same brain cells and you might be used to having a lot of bills coming in and your debt mountain you might be used to or dealing with the emotional trauma of a of a relationship that didn’t work out or getting fired and you’re not sure what to do with your life now and you’re worried about how you’re going to support your family or you might just be used to having pretty much the same amount of income for last five years in a row or pretty much the same amount of freedom and and time and time freedom for the last five years in a row.

And what begins to occur is a homeostasis in the same way. Your body has a homeostasis for 98 point six degrees temperature wise, or you set a thermostat for 70 degrees. It sets a homeostasis. Your unconscious mind starts to get impressed upon by or molded by your past experience and there is a tendency for your mind to carry your biography. In other words, the story of your life with you into the new years, but you’re not even your body anyways. It’s just a garage that’s housing your soul. You are a spiritual being in a physical body. In your. You’re using your physical body is an instrument to express the unlimited consciousness, the pure potential, the infinite possibilities that you are. You’re just using this body so you’re not limited by anything. Remember that in 2019 you’re free from your past. You’re free from last year. You’re free from last week.

What you really are is pure God consciousness that manifests itself from thought, from where your attention is so brand. Now. Get your mind focused on the possibilities for your life this year. Dude, you got so much more within you, potential wise then you possibly think you may think you’re bound to a certain income level. You’re bound to a certain type of home that you need to live in. You’re not good enough to get a higher level job. You know you’re stuck with the same friend groups. You can’t con. You can’t seem to attract your soulmate. You can’t seem to lose the way none of that matters anymore. Here you are right now in this moment, and God is saying to the universe is saying to you, Hey, step off the ledge, step off the edge, and you’re going to see you actually have wings. So right now is all that matters. Every time you catch your mind wandering in the past, remind yourself,

my biography is not my destiny. Comment that down below my biography is not my destiny. Comment down below my biography is not my destiny, so remember the past no longer matters. Who you are is pure God, potential individualization of God. You’re worthy of any desire or dream you might have and you can come up with all the necessary resources, skills, and abilities to create anything that you want in like and if anyone else has accomplished what you want to accomplish, it already means that you have the ability to accomplish it to why? Because we all come from one source of origination. You can call that God the universe, creative intelligence, Spirit, consciousness, whatever the heck you want to call it, but we’re all from that same creative force of the universe. Therefore, you can harness it through the power of your own consciousness by directing your thoughts and being in the energy of what it is that you want, as if it’s already happened.

You already are the person you intend to be. You already are living the life that you want and your biography, your past doesn’t matter anymore. Number two, your inner pictures. We’ll create your outer images so the mind works in pictures. When I say, think of your bank account, you see it, flash on the screen of your mind, how much money is in it or approximately how much money is in it, and for a lot of people it may even conjure up a negative emotion because you’re not happy with the image of what is in your bank account. If I say, think of your car, you conjure up the image of your car, right? It’s, it all comes up in a split second in images. So the emotional response that you have two images, the emotion that you have attached to an image is what’s going to determine if it implants your subconscious mind.

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