THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: How to Change Your Life in 30 days (This REALLY Works!) – Law of Attraction Transform

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: How to Change Your Life in 30 days (This REALLY Works!)

In this video we discuss the world TRANSFORMATION – break it into; TRANS * FORM.

The question is how to change your life in 30 days or less. This is about changing your life is 30 days. How to use the law of attraction to change your life, and how to change your life using the law of attraction.

The truth is that the law of attraction is always working. It’s just that most people use the law of attraction in the wrong way. They are thinking too much about the outer world, and not enough on their inner world.

So they create the same problems and then say, “Nothing is changing!”

In fact, EVERYTHING IS CHANGING. It’s just that they are creating the same changes over and over again.

This is all about how to change your life in 30 days and how to use the law of attraction to change your life!

So you want to transform something about your life. Maybe your life is good and you want it to be fantastic. Maybe it’s fantastic and you’re like, I’m shooting for literally the best life I could possibly ever imagine. And then some, maybe you aren’t where you want to be at all and you just want to transform it. It all comes down to the specific word. Transform. Trans means beyond for what’s form our physical world, so in order to transform your bank account, your love life, any area of your life and manifest your destiny and attract what you want into your life, you gotta take a step back and say, what’s the word?

Main trans form, so comment down below trans hyphen form because it’s very important that you understand what the word means because then you can reverse engineer the manifestation, technique and process to use your consciousness to alter reality, bend reality and create what you want trans form beyond form, beyond form, beyond what your eyes and ears are telling you, beyond what you can feel as your tangible reality beyond what you see. When you look at your bank account, beyond what you can recollect based off the cells of recognition in the cells of memory that are encoded into the, into the neurological functions of your brain that say you’re always going to be alone. Your last five relationships that failed. There’s no good guys left beyond what your Gpa told you about how intelligent you were and then you decided in that moment. That’s how smart you work for the rest of your life, beyond what anybody has told you.

Transform. You have to move beyond for the word visionary literally means someone who lives from an inner vision. You know who we call visionaries, Steve Jobs. We call them the people that transform industries and worlds, whether it’s famous actors that recreated the, the entire production of movies, whether it’s technological advances and huge titans of industry, whether it’s figures like Martin Luther King or Gandhi. What were these types of people that have transformed something? They were visionaries. They lived from an inner vision. What mlk literally saw a world the way he wanted it to be, and every single evidence, his physical senses told them that not only was it not possible, but he was literally going to be assassinated. That’s how direct the opposition was. He was inner conviction to his inner vision. In order for him to to build the change that he wanted to see in the world, he had to live from an inner vision, so what I’m inviting you to do is reject whatever your bank account tells you just projected.

It’s just a collection of your past thoughts. It doesn’t matter anymore. Reject what your eyes are telling you. Comment down below to think truth. Regardless of appearance is the goal to think truth, regardless of appearance is my goal. What does that mean? Think what you want to think regardless of what the world is saying outside. This is what I would do. I was building this youtube channel. I’d get 20 views and I’d be like, I know that it’s on the way. I know I’m going to get a viral video here really soon. I know my channel is finally going to take off. I know it. Meanwhile, so many people I was sharing, you know, friends, acquaintances, colleagues that were starting youtube got dissatisfied because they weren’t getting the results they wanted. They allow their consciousness to be controlled by the outer world and I said the whole time I’m about these 20 views are about to be 2 million.

These 20 views are about to be 200,000 on this video. I know it. I can feel it. I can see it inside of myself. I don’t really care what the world is telling me I know like I know, like I know, and that’s what I’m inviting you to do. Now you may need to fake it until you make it you and you may need to start that habit the same way you start any habit.

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